Look Who's in the Huddle with Peyton Manning


               BRAD P

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it Superman? No, it’s Brad Pyatt! Who? Who is Brad Pyatt? This is
the story of a kid. Frankly it’s the story of many kids who are put in a position to make life
changing decisions as a result of big time college athletics with the limelight and excesses that
very few have. Imagine you’re a kid having grown‐up in a modest household where being able
to get a new pair of sneakers was a big deal. Now you have something that everyone wants, it’s
the athletic skill and ability to run, jump and excel with a football or a basketball in your hands
and everyone wants a piece of you. You’re now exposed to all the trappings that would
challenge and tempt even the most level‐headed and mature adult, but you’re a child in the
body of a man. Good luck with that challenge!

So who’s Brad Pyatt and how did he end up in the huddle with Peyton Manning? Brad Pyatt is
the 32‐year old CEO of Muscle Pharm, a sports nutritional supplement company. He attended
the University of Kentucky and finished his studies at the University of Northern Colorado. His
educational background is in kinesiology exercise science. Brad’s on the fence, he’s been up
and he’s been down. He is the kind of guy you want to like. He’s the kind of guy you would
want on your team. But the jury is still out. He can end up on top of the mountain or he could
end up grasping for straws. I am telling you this is someone to be watched. This could be a real
life Cinderella story that’s already in progress.

So the bowl season is here and everyone is cashing in, everyone except the kids on the team.
So while the colleges, the coaches, the sponsors and the host cities are all cashing in, the kids
are relegated to a steak on game day and that’s about it. If they’re lucky to get to a bowl game
that’s their crowning glory where they can take a bow on the national stage. Typically for most
that’s it. It’s their championship, it’s the Poinsetta Bowl, it’s the Peach Bowl, it’s the Cotton
Bowl, and it’s the Astro Blue Bonnet Bowl or one of the other bowl games that take place
around the holidays.

Fast forward and a few, a very few make it Big Time. And Brad Pyatt, a wide receiver and
special team’s player is in the huddle with Peyton Manning and on the roster of the
Indianapolis Colts. Its 2003, he’s on the end of a reception from the star QB and he’s living his
boyhood dream. But in the blink of an eye it’s over. Brad Pyatt goes on and breaks his back. So
while he works hard to get back. He ends up on the roster of the Miami Dolphins his football
career is essentially over.

So what about the middle of the road guys? The tweeners? Where do they go? What do they
do? How do they go about to provide the necessities of life for themselves and their family? In
the real world that we live in there isn’t enough openings for everyone at ESPN. So line‐up and
get behind Brad Pyatt. There are no guarantees here. This is a feel‐good story about a feelgood
kinda guy. We’re cheering for Brad Pyatt. He’s matured from a kid to a young man who’s
trying to make it amongst the lions. Doesn’t everyone love a Rudy story?

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